Kyusho Jitsu

Welcome on the website of Dim Mak.

One of the most fascinating things in martial arts is Dim Mak. Literally translated from Chinese it means: death touch.

Didnít we all ever seen in a film or documentary a master knocking down someone with an apparently light touch on a few points of the body? Even in one of the films of Jean Claude Van Damme there is an allusion to Dim Mak, more specific about a certain way of hitting.

Of course one could ask himself if it is all true or possible and sceptics who are not hindered by some experience in the matter will laugh it away just like that. But, the more right-minded, honourable martial artists who are in search for the essence of their arts and the true background of it, know better. They come to another conclusion: Dim Mak is real! And it does what it tells! Nearly all contemporary martial arts are in one way or another influenced by Dim Mak, as you can read here in the history of Dim Mak.

Of course, it is not so easy to learn and thereby only suitable for martial artists with a wide experience and who are, for preference, already in possession of a black belt. Thatís just because it is not only about the learning of pressure or vital points from the acupuncture theory and how to use them, but also about how to activate and hit those points by using Fa Jin or Qi Gong. Whatís more is that one needs a certain maturity in learning how to deal with Dim Mak. After all, it are dangerous techniques which can and may not be given in the hands of irresponsible people.

In Belgium, the Netherlands and England, there is a strong, reliable organisation where you can learn in a responsible way, Dim Mak and how to integrate it in you art. Here name is Daochi Dim Mak.

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